Haye is an attempt to provide assistance to all the multitaskers who are juggling with their work and daily errands . Haye aims to make things smooth for them by sharing their daily jobs with us cuz we got your back


Founder & Managing Director

who we are

Haye is a team of dedicated people working to provide you assistance in your daily errands. From sending packages to ordering products to hiring bike taxies , Haye will be your one stop destination for all the day to day activities . Haye has been specially developed to make your daily life easy by performing your regular tasks , doing grocery shopping, ordering things from local markets which in turn would bring a technological upliftment in entirety.

Mission & Vision

Haye acts as a bridge between the customers and the local markets . Haye has connected with local kirana stores, street food vendors etc where you can order stuff , buy food online, send gifts and packages , hire a bike taxi ride and all this at one single platform. Prices have been curated by experts so that it goes gentle on the pockets and provide value for money . Your convenience and safety has been prioritised . We have women riders supporting our team who have been taken on board to assure safety of women. The app has been developed to provide utmost convenience while taking any service . Its just a few clicks an you are free from your daily hassles. Effective pricing and dedicated service is our USP

who we are

what makes us different

Bike Ride

Haye operates with a team of riders who are there to assure to you the most comfortable rides across the city . Rides have been priced diligently to provide value for your money . For ladies , there is a special team of lady riders as well who have been taken on board to ensure the safety of woman.

Order Anything

Haye stands distinct from those regular ordering website as it operates with a localised network of vendors, retailers and product sellers so that you can choose from a variety of sellers locally. This attempt is first of its kind and helps you get products delivered to your doorsteps with utmost ease.

Send Package

Unlike other apps which either just help you order food or just buy things online, Haye provides you assistance in sending things from one place to another. From sending your clothes to the laundry to picking up books from your friend, Haye does it all with just a few clicks